US gives big blow to China, ban on use of TikTok, WeChat

Washington A few weeks after India imposed a ban on several Chinese apps, the US on Friday issued orders that in view of national security, it is popular with the popular Chinese social media apps TikTok and WeChat. Has been banned since Sunday. The United States said that he was a precursor to the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country.

US President Donald Trump said the day before that he was looking into the alleged bid by US company Oracle for the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TickTalk, but he wants to ensure that national security is approved before approving the deal. There should be no compromise with

Last month, Trump signed an executive order banning TickTock and WeChat, under which both Chinese companies can avoid the ban by giving ownership to an American company.

Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross said, “On the President’s directive, we have taken significant action to fight China’s malicious act of collecting personal data of American citizens, allowing us to aggressively pursue our national values, beliefs based on democratic rules and Will be able to implement American laws and regulations. ‘

The Commerce Department has also warned other social media apps about copying WeChat or TickTalk’s illegal behavior. The President has the authority whether additional orders are needed to curb such activities.

The department said in a statement that the United States has prohibited the service or distribution of WeChat or TicketLock mobile apps, their component codes or application updates in the United States through the online mobile application store from September 20. Under this, any type of financial transaction in the US will also be prohibited.

It said that from September 20 for WeChat and Ticketock from November 12, there will be a ban on any internet hosting service in the US that provides provision for operation of these mobile applications. These would also include restrictions on the content delivery network service that would enable it to operate or adapt.

On 29 July, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including TicketLock, WeChat and UC Browser. Later 244 and the Chinese app was also banned.

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