Wuhan Lab: U.S. study reveals big about Chinese researchers, Wuhan Lab workers were sick before the epidemic

Wuhan Lab: U.S. study reveals Chinese researchers say Wuhan Lab workers were sick before the epidemic

Coronavirus Outbreak (Xinhua / Jiang Qi / IANS)

New Delhi: It has been almost a year and a half since the coronavirus spread worldwide, but no clear information has yet been found about the origin of the coronavirus. Many believe the source of the virus was Chinese. The world blames China, but China denies it. Meanwhile, a U.S. intelligence report claims that several researchers at the Chinese Institute of Virology (Wuhan Institute of Virology) fell ill in November 2012, a month before the coronavirus spread around the world. Wuhan Coronavirus: What causes Chinese snakes to cause this deadly virus?

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. They have symptoms similar to coronavirus. The U.S. report provides detailed information on the number, timing and hospitalization of sick researchers at Wuhan Lab. The U.S. intelligence report comes at a time when the World Health Organization (WHO) is set to hold a meeting to discuss the origin of the coronavirus.

In January, a fact sheet from the State Department issued by the Trump administration said researchers fell ill in the fall of 2019. However, it did not say that he had to be hired. A WHO team approached Uhan for information on Corona. This time, the team also visited Wuhan Lab. The WHO later said there was not enough evidence to prove that the virus had spread around the world from Wuhan’s lab. A WHO team is re-examining the source of the Covid-19.

Former US President Donald Trump has also accused China of not fully supporting the WHO team in the investigation and withholding information about Wuhan Lab. China strongly objected. The source of the corona continues to be discussed in the world, with many big countries blaming China for it and claiming it was prepared in a lab in Wuhan.


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