Denmark has banned the Johnson and Johnson Corona vaccine

Coronary Vaccine (Photo Credit: PTI) Copenhagen: Danish Health Authority (Johnson & Johnson Vaccine)Johnson and Johnson Vaccine) decided to separate it from its combined coronavirus vaccination program. Helen Proust, deputy director general of the Danish Health Authority, said in a statement on Monday: “Given the current situation in Denmark and the potential side effects in the … Read more

Adar Poonawalla, CEO, Serum Institute of India, says vaccines cannot be made overnight.

Statement by Adar Punawala, Chief Executive Officer, Serum Institute of India In multiple reports it is important that accurate information should be shared with the public. – Ginger Punawala (@ Adar Punawala) May 3, 2021 (Get all the latest breaking news, viral trends and news related to the social media world with SocialLY on … Read more

Coronavirus update: 15.09 million coronaviruses worldwide

Corona Defeat (Photo Credit: PTI) Washington, May 1: The number of cases of coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 15.09 crore, and more than 31.7 million people have died due to this disease. Johns Hopkins University provided this information. The University’s Center for Science and Engineering (CCS) released its latest update on Saturday morning that the current … Read more