HomePod:What We Now Know About Apple’s New HomePod.

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Apple Homepod:There are rumours that Apple is working on a new HomePod, and that it might have a touchscreen this time. There are rumours that it might be released in the first half of this year. Let’s examine what we now know about it.

  • Initial Ideas and Background

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg made a suggestion back in 2021 that Apple was trying things with device that have screens and cameras. The foundation for a device with a screen looks to have been built some time ago, given the HomePod’s operating system now runs on tvOS.

  • Design and Elements

In March 2023, Chinese company Tianma provided information about the making of a new Home-Pod featuring a 7-inch display, as confirmed by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Details of a Home-Pod with an LCD display were leaked by a leaker going by the handle “Kosutami” in October 2023. The device kept the same basic design but had a big touchscreen in place of the LED array. Further sources confirming this information showed that it was built under the codename “B720.”

Apps like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts may be getting adjustments for the bigger display, according to code seen in tvOS 17. As the song plays, anticipate a chilly, hazy animation that matches the hues of the album art. Notifications may also be displayed on the screen.

More leaks from Kosutami appeared in December, showing off a top-mounted curved LCD panel.

  • The Chip’s Secret

There are rumours of a new chip emerging. The S7 processor from the Apple Watch Series 7 was included in the 2023 Home-Pod. Apple continued to use the S7 chip even after the S8 chip was released. An important progress, the S9 chip is featured in the most recent Apple Watches. Better responsiveness and potential for fitness and health aspects could be advantages of a future HomePod.

  • Extra Candy

The display on the Home-Pod may improve relationship with other Apple products. With the Ultra Wideband processor in the iPhone 15, picture quicker transfers. Expect better microphones, audio, and Wi-Fi 6E support as well.

  • Date of Release and Later

Kuo’s March 2023 estimate suggests that the following HomePod might be released in the first half of 2024. Regarding more full-sized HomePods, there is no firm information yet. Additionally, Kuo made reference to the second-generation HomePod mini’s mass release in the latter part of 2024.

It’s unclear if the touchscreen HomePod will become the premium model or take the place of the HomePod 2 in the lineup. In the long run, Apple may be considering a HomePod with a screen placed on a robotic arm or maybe a combination Apple TV and HomePod. We shall have to wait and find out!

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