Empowering the Indian EV Market: A Billion Investment in the Future of Electric Vehicles in Tamil Nadu by  VinFast’s.

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Indian EV Market

VinFast’s Vision: Catalyzing Sustainable Mobility in the Dynamic Indian EV Market.”

Indian EV Market:VinFast., the Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) behemoth, has signed a ground-breaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tamil Nadu state government, signalling a massive billion investment to build an integrated EV plant in Thoothukudi. This strategic move positions VinFast as a key player in India’s growing EV market, the world’s third-largest, with construction set to begin in 2024.

VinFast, a market leader in Vietnam’s EV surroundings, sees the project as a critical step in its international expansion, with the goal of capitalising on India’s rapid expansion in the EV sector. The Memorandum of Understanding outlines a phased approach to investing, with a 0 million initial commitment for the first five years. This move fits in with company’s overall strategy of improving its presence in key markets and improving its supply chain in preparation for its international expansion.


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With an annual manufacturing capacity of 150,000 units, the integrated EV facility in Thoothukudi is poised to become a regional EV production hub. The project is expected to create 3,000 to 3,500 local job opportunities while also contributing positively to Tamil Nadu’s development.

VinFast’s commitment goes beyond manufacturing, with plans to build a nationwide dealership network to grow its brand’s reach and connect with customers across the country. Company’s dedication to long-term development is shown by this strategic approach, that is combined with economic benefits.

The project is more than just a business opportunity; it is also a green transportation initiative. By requiring that 30% of newly issued private cars be electric, Company hopes to start a shift towards green transportation. This is consistent with the state government’s efforts to lower carbon emissions via transportation.

Tran Mai Hoa, VinFast Global’s Deputy CEO of Sales and Marketing, highlighted the company’s commitment to an environmentally friendly future. He believes that investing in Tamil Nadu will benefit not only the economy, but also speed up India’s and the region’s transition to renewable energy.

Dr. TRB Rajaa, Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Industries, Investment Promotions, and Commerce, expressed delight that company chose Tamil Nadu for its integrated EV facility. Understanding the company’s capabilities and commitment to long-term development, he sees VinFast as a reliable economic partner and an important contributor to Tamil Nadu’s long-term development.

The state government promises to provide cleared land, uninterrupted power supply, and infrastructure support for this historic investment, the largest in Tamil Nadu’s history. The collaboration also includes discussions about charging station opportunities, pointing out a shared vision for a clean mobility future.

Beyond economic and social benefits, VinFast’s investment strengthens Vietnam and India’s Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. As VinFast continues to lead the global smart electric vehicle revolution, this venture in Tamil Nadu governs a significant milestone not only for the company, but also for the future of sustainable transportation in India and beyond.

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