Boston Celtics Make History with Record-Breaking Win Against Warriors

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Boston Celtics,Golden State Warriors

The Boston Celtics had an excellent game against the Golden State Warriors, winning by a big margin and  with a final scoreline of 140-88. It was an excellent day for Celtics  as it was Jayson Tatum’s birthday, and he and teammate Jaylen Brown performed well on the court. They both scored 56 points, which helped their team win the game.

Boston Celtics,Golden State Warriors
Boston Celtics,Golden State Warriors

The Celtics didn’t just win; they won by 52 points, one of the largest margins in their team’s history. They were so strong that they led by 44 points at halftime. Because the lead was so comfortable, Coach Joe Mazzulla was able to give the backup players some time to play.

This was the Celtics’ 11th straight victory. That’s such a big deal in basketball! More surprising still is that they have won by an average of more than 22 points per game all through this winning run. That has never happened before in the NBA’s long history.

On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors, who normally are difficult to beat, had a bad day. Stephen Curry, their star player, had one of his lowest scoring performances ever. He just scored four points and missed both three-pointers.

One of the game’s important moments was Jaylen Brown’s scoring run in the first quarter. He scored an unbelievable 19 points in only one quarter, taking advantage of the Warriors’ weak defence.

Overall, the game was historic for the Celtics. They showed why they are presently the top team in the NBA with their outstanding play. The final score line  was 140

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