The Honda Stylo 160 Specification,price and launch details in India:Get Ready to Ride.

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Honda Stylo 160

The Honda Stylo 160 will soon begin to go on sale in India, so get ready to get excited! This scooter is not your typical scooter; with its powerful 160cc engine and attractive look, it will attract eye wherever it goes. In India, Honda motorcycles are already highly popular, and this new model is sure to be at the top spot.

India’s launch date

I’m sure you’re looking forward to when you’ll be able to own this beauty. While Honda has not released the details just yet, there are rumours that it may launch in December 2024. But keep in mind that these are still rumours, so wait for official announcements!


Let’s talk about money now. Honda has not officially launched the Stylo 160 in India, hence, the cost is still unknown. However, reports circulate that it could range from ₹85,000 to ₹1,25,000. Of course, things like taxes and other factors could affect this. Hey, it doesn’t stop fans from waiting for this smooth ride with great excitement!


Get ready to be surprised by its sporty style. LED headlights and taillights give the Stylo 160 a modern look in addition to shining brightly. Not only that, but its computerised instrument cluster makes it easy to keep track of fuel levels and speed. In addition, the alloy wheels provide a smooth ride—even on bad roads—in addition to being beautiful. There are a number of colours available, so you can pick the colour of your choice

Honda Stylo 160
Honda Stylo 160



Now let’s discuss electricity! The 160cc fuel-injected engine that powers the Stylo 160 is BS6 compliant and produces 15 BHP and 14 Nm of torque. The best part is that it’s not only strong but also stylish. Its great mileage means you can travel long distances without thinking about having to make multiple stops at the petrol station. Furthermore, its fuel-injected technology provides an even smoother ride.


With so many features, riding this scooter will be easy. It has everything you need, including LED lighting for visibility and a digital instrument cluster with all of your important things. Whatever the geography, you will have a smooth ride thanks to the alloy wheels and telescopic suspension. In addition, features like a USB charging port and smart key system make travelling easier.

Honda Stylo 160
Honda Stylo 160

In summary

Are you excited yet? With its powerful performance and stylish appearance, the Honda Stylo 160 is set to take over the Indian market. You may travel or move with this scooter without any problems. Thus, keep checking back for further information about the official release date and get ready to ride in class with the Honda Stylo 160!

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