Lavish Gifts to groom from Bride’s family at Noida’s Extravagent Wedding Sparks Online Debate.

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Lavish Gifts to groom from Bride’s family

Noida Wedding Sparks debate Lavish Gifts to Groom from Bride’s Family:Possibly this video of a rich marriage that happened in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has been making news online. It shows that the families present gone all out with the gifts, which has surprised a lot of people.

A person known by the name Vinit Bhati posted the video to Instagram. You hear someone announce what they gave the groom’s family in the present. A dining table, two cars (a Mercedes E-Class and a Toyota Fortuner), 1.25 kilogrammes of gold, and 7 kilogrammes of silver were among the items they listed. It looks more rich.

Lavish Gifts to groom from Bride’s family
Lavish Gifts to groom from Bride’s family

That was not liked by many people on the internet, too. Some even called out the groom, saying he was just looking for money, because they believed it was just too unnecessary. “This marriage feels more like a business deal,” and “Why are not the police doing something about this?” were among the comments made by those present. Is it not illegal to give and accept dowries?

So, it raised a lot of debate online, with many people having strong views regarding the issue at present.

Some people are criticising the groom and his family for not marrying a girl, but he has married her because he and his family is greedy and they are questioning the approach of Police in this matter .They are questioning the identity of the police itself because dowry is a crime . On the other side Some people are supporting the same and saying its the will of the brides family to give anything to their daughter. As per opinion of most of the people people should take strict action against the people and the families involved.

According to some people this is a ritual in the “Gujjar” Community and the families are just following the same tradition from generations.

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