UPSC notification 2024, complete guide,along with the preparation & Planning Steps.

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UPSC Notification 2024

UPSC Notification 2024: Important Announcement! There’s a high exam called UPSC in 2024, and if you pass it, you may get some truly amazing jobs in government. Imagine this: The date chosen for the exam is May 26, 2024. But there’s still more! Mark February 14, 2024, on your calendars, since that is when UPSC will make public all information regarding the test’s contents and application process. You have till March 5, 2024, from February 14th, to submit your application.

Let’s say things about numbers now. There are many vacancies at UPSC, mostly for the Indian Police Services (IPS) and Indian Administrative Services (IAS). The twist is that quite a few people—roughly 9 to 10 lakh—apply! Crazy, huh? Which means that there are 1000 candidates for 1 seat.

Hold on; applying and showing up are not enough. There are other steps required, such as completing paperwork, passing tests, and maybe even having an interview. It’s an adventure, my friend!

And don’t worry if you’re wondering where all of this takes place. There is a place for everyone in UPSC, which has centres throughout India.

UPSC Notification 2024,

That’s it, then: a summary of UPSC 2024. Prepare to study hard, sharpen your mind, and reach for the heavens! You might be the next big thing in Indian politics; who knows?

Key dates and details you need to know:

Exam Date: UPSC 2024 is set for May 26, 2024.

Examination Centres: The UPSC has centres all across India, including major cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, and Surat.

Last Date for Application Submission: You can apply for UPSC 2024 from February 14 to March 5, 2024.

Where to Refer for Syllabus and Previous Year Papers:

For the syllabus, check out the official UPSC website.

Previous year’s papers are also available on the official UPSC website (

That’s the idea behind it! Make sure to mark your calendars, submit your applications on time, and visit the official UPSC website for all the details you need to get ready for the big examination!

Application Form StartsFebruary 14, 2024
Application Form EndsMarch 5, 2024
Admit CardMay 2024
Prelims ExamMay 26, 2024
Prelims ResultJune 2024
Mains ExamSeptember 20, 2024 (Onwards)
Particular details date wise

Now the big question about applying for the UPSC is: is it not everyone’s dream,but to pass is everyone’s?

Want to crack the UPSC exam? It takes determination, consistency, and perseverance. With only 6 attempts for general category candidates, everyone aims for success on the first try.

Keeping your preparation on track is important. With millions of applications, only a few people are selected for interviews. Do you want to know how to pass the UPSC on your first attempt? Let’s take it in!

To understand UPSC, start with the basics. NCERT texts from grades 6 to 12 are necessary. Then, focus on a structured study schedule, regular review, and mock tests.

UPSC Notification 2024,

Preparation Tips:
Know the syllabus inside and out. Understand the exam structure, which consists of two stages: the preliminary exam and the main exam. The prelims are objective tests, and the mains include written exams and interviews.

Prelims Strategy: With discipline and devotion, you can pass the Prelims in one try. Focus on both concept and facts. Your Mains preparation joins with Prelims, making it a win-win situation.

Months 1-5: Begin by understanding the exam and course. Read great newspapers and current events. Get your hands on UPSC books and seek guidance from gurus.

Months 6-8: Pick an optional subject and prepare accordingly. Join a Prelims Test Series to practise sample tests from various sources.

Months 9-12: Begin answer writing practice for the Mains. For greater insight, focus on editorial and government magazines. Join a Mains Test Series to improve your preparation.

After the preliminary exams, revise seriously. Solve past years’ question papers and sample tests. When preparing for Mains, focus on quality above quantity.

To prepare for an interview, review the basics, remain current, and practice UPSC questions. Seek input from others and appropriate guidance. Remember to carefully prepare your Detailed Application Form (DAF).

Practice mock interviews to increase your confidence. Throughout the interview, maintain your cool. Dress nicely and get adequate sleep.

Remember, passing the UPSC demands dedication, persistence, and a well-rounded approach. Good luck!

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