Mitsubishi Motors Indian Comeback: Partnering with TVS Mobility.

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Mitsubishi Motors,Mitsubishi, TVS Mobility,

Mitsubishi Motors is returning to the Indian auto market! A major player in local auto sales, TVS Mobility, is joining hands with them. TVS Mobility is dividing its car business segment, and Mitsubishi has taken on a major share of more than thirty percent in the newly formed division.

Mitsubishi Motors,Mitsubishi, TVS Mobility,

India is a large automobile market, and Mitsubishi wants to come back to competition. Together with other brands that are available in India, they will sell Japanese automobile models. It is expected that they will invest between 5 and 10 billion yen, subject to regulatory permission.

Mitsubishi Motors,Mitsubishi, TVS Mobility,

Mitsubishi wants to have a different showroom for every brand of vehicle they sell. Using TVS’s skill to handle them, they would initially focus on increasing sales of Honda vehicles. In order to expand its options, Mitsubishi also hopes to import more Japanese automakers and vehicle types.

Mitsubishi Motors,Mitsubishi, TVS Mobility,

TVS Mobility currently operates around 150 locations, and its aim is to grow into one of India’s largest auto dealerships. Since Mitsubishi is active in promoting the usage of electric vehicles here, they will sell a wide range of automobiles, including electric ones.

Mitsubishi also plans to launch new services like using a smartphone app to purchase insurance and schedule maintenance. With the close competition in the Indian market, they expect that these changes would increase sales.

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