Aadhaar Enrollment and Update: New Easy Rules.

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Aadhaar Enrollment:The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has recently made the process easier for Aadhaar enrolment and revisions. They’ve built some new rules, and here’s the summary in simple language:

Aadhaar Enrollment,

1. Changes: UIDAI has made new rules for Aadhaar Enrollment and Update. The forms required to get these things are also new.

2. Forms for Everyone: Forms are now available for both locals and NRIs. There is a form for everybody, whether they are applying for Aadhaar for the first time or updating their information.

3. Easier Updating: Aadhaar card data may also be modified more easily. You have the option of visiting a registration facility, using the official website, or using the mobile application. Earlier, you could only edit your address online, but it seems like they may allow you to modify more data online in the future.

4. New Forms: The before forms for getting or changing Aadhaar numbers are no longer available. There are many kinds for different situations:

   – Form 1: For those 18 and older (including locals and NRIs) obtaining Aadhaar or updating information.

   – Form 2 is only for NRIs with proof of address outside India.

   Form 3 is for children aged 5 to 18 who live in India or abroad and have an Indian address.

   – Form 4: For NRI children with addresses outside India.

   – Form 5: For children under the age of five years who live in India or abroad and have an Indian address.

   – Form 6: For a non-resident Indian children (under the age of five) living outside India.

   – Form 7: For foreign nationals above the age of 18 residing in India who require Aadhaar. It requires details such as a foreign passport, an OCI card, a valid long-term visa, an Indian visa, and an email address.

   – Form 8: For foreign nationals under the age of 18 who live here.

– Form 9: To cancel Aadhaar after you turn 18.

5. Age and verification: If you submit an  rough(incase you don’t remember the exact ) birth date without verification, your Aadhaar will only display the year you declare. To show the whole birth date, you must have full papers.

6. NRIs need to provide an email ID. If they use a non-Indian cell number, they would not receive SMS as per the Form 1 requirements. An Indian passport is the only valid Proof of Identity (POI) for non-resident Indians.

7. Aadhaar Updates Valid for 10 Years: You may now change your Aadhaar data for up to ten years from the day you received it. You can do this online or at an enrollment center.

8. When Did This Happen? The adjustments took effect on January 16, 2023. They are making the entire Aadhaar Enrollment process more user-friendly .So that’s the truth on the new Aadhaar regulations.

Aadhaar Enrollment,UIDAI,

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