Captain Miller Movie: Day 1 Box Office Results Revealed

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Captain Miller

Captain Miller Introduction:

 let’s talk about Dhanush’ much awaited film Captain Miller made on its first day in cinemas. People were super excited about this movie specially in South India and among Dhanush’s fans from all over India.

Plot and Cast:

Captain Miller tells a cool story from the 1930s, with Dhanush as a rebellious leader. The movie has some awesome actors, and audiences feedback is the story is really different and Dhanush has done brilliant work. Even though Dhanush didn’t talk a lot about the movie, experts think his fame could really help Captain Miller do well at the box office.Starcast also include Shiva Raj Kumar,Sundeep Kishan,Priyanka Arul Mohan,Aditi Balan,Elango Kumaravel,Viji Chandrashekhar, Kaali Venkat.

Release Date and Audience Reaction:

The film came out on January 12, 2024, and a bunch of people went to see it on the first day. If Dhanush’s magic works, this movie might become a big hit.

Box Office Collection Day 1:

Reports say Captain Miller made a cool ₹11.25 cr in gross  or 9.5 cr  in net on its first day in India . Worldwide with the 2400 screen it has collected 16.2 Cr.Even though they didn’t promote it a ton, the movie still did pretty well.

Budget and Expectations:

They spent about Rs 59.50 crores making Captain Miller. Now, everyone’s curious to see if the movie can make more money than that.


Producers has spent app 60 Cr in the making of the film inclusive of promotional cost of the movie.


Released on approx 2400 screens worldwide.

Theatres presence

1100 screens – Tamil nadu

400 screens  A.P / telangana

400 screens- kerala + Karnataka

500 screens- overseas


Captain Miller will be a hit  or not only time will tell , but the numbers look impressive  as far as amount spent in the making of the movie.


As Captain Miller keeps playing in theatre’s, everyone’s waiting to see if Dhanush’s movie becomes a big success. Keep an eye out for more updates on this movie adventure!

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