Nitish Kumar’s Potential Return to BJP: A Political Game-Changer with Far-reaching Implications. Will Resign Today as per sources.

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Nitish Kumar -BJP or I.N.D.I.A??

Nitish Kumar’s return to the BJP might have a major impact for both him and the party. If he joins hands with the BJP, it is more than simply a political choice for him; it is about being relevant. Nitish Kumar gives the BJP with an excellent chance to increase its position in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections while also destroying the opposition’s INDIA bloc.

The grand alliance in Bihar, known as mahagathbandhan, looks to be breaking. In this case, Nitish Kumar could return to the BJP-led NDA, assuring his party’s life. If it does, the BJP stands to benefit the most.

Returning to the BJP would put the party back in competition in Bihar, increasing its chances of gathering more seats in the 2024 elections. In addition, it throws a major blow to the INDIA group on a national scale. The political scene in Bihar is changing, and many people believe Nitish Kumar may rejoin the BJP, only a year and a half after leaving for the RJD-Congress a partnership.

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Given the current political situation in Bihar, there is a chance of behind-the-scenes talks. Talks suggest that Nitish Kumar may take oath as the leader of a new BJP-JD(U) leadership on January 28, with Sushil Modi as deputy minister..

Nitish Kumar’s position is delicate, as there are just 45 MLAs in the 243-member Assembly. Being in an alliance with the BJP might give him much-needed safety and security from future political moves by larger parties.

There were rumours that the RJD had a plan to split the JD(U) and create a government with Tejashwi Yadav as chief minister. To avoid a party split, Nitish Kumar removed Lalan Singh, the JD(U) National President.

The return of Nitish Kumar would be a big political victory for the BJP. The old arrangement of Nitish Kumar as chief minister and the BJP as deputy chief ministers has been effective in the past. This agreement could help the BJP’s position in Bihar, improve its image, and improve its chances of winning the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

By putting Nitish back into the fold, the BJP not only gains control in another state, but also damages the INDIA bloc, weakening the Congress-led opposition’s efforts. This decision may have effects beyond Bihar, damaging the opposition’s strength in other states.

Looking ahead to the 2024 general elections, the BJP may attempt to use its position by pushing the leader to join the Centre as a Union minister while having the chief ministership for itself. The likelihood of two deputy chief minister jobs for the JD(U) may guarantee an easy exit for Nitish Kumar.

In conclusion, Nitish’s potential return to the BJP gives the party with a various benefit, from gaining political ground in Bihar to increasing its chances in the future elections and politically harming the opposition’s alliance. Nitish Kumar becomes a great resource, producing several eggs of gold for the BJP.

It has been reported that Nitish Kumar will resign today as Chief Minister, adding a new layer of urgency and significance to the unfolding political developments

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