Pakistan-Iran war Increases Over Revengeful Attacks:Tensions Increase

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Pakistant-Iran War :Islamabad is on high alert after launching raids on  militants in Iran in reply to Tehran’s attack on another terrorist group in Pakistani territory. A top Pakistani security official has warned that any operations by Iran will be handled strongly. Pakistan attack Baloch terrorists in the Iranian area of Sistan-Balochistan, killing nine people, most of them were women and children.

Pakistan-Iran war,

Key updates on the Pakistan-Iran War situation:

1. The United Nations and the United States advise caution, with UN Chief Antonio Guterres requesting for greatest patience.

2. The military plans have increased tensions, helped by the Israel-Hamas war.

3. Pak’s reply, come just before the February 8 elections, increases concerns about a  weak caretaker management managing difficult issues while which allows the military to play a big role.

4. Iran’s before raids on “terrorist” places in Pak killed two children.

5. Both nations regularly blame each other of hiding extremists, but operations across borders are rare.

6. The White House is closely keeping a eye on the situation, and India keeps silent  saying that it is an issue between Iran and Pak, with zero tolerance for terrorism.

7. China suggests for negotiation between economic partners to avoid Pakistan-Iraj War.

8. Pak claims to its the latest harm as targeted military strikes against terrorist hiding places.

9. Iran criticised the actions and asked Pak’s  ambassador’s deputy for a response.

10.The terrorist organization Jaish al-Adl is accused of regularly attacking Iranian soldiers while believed operating from places across the border.

11. Both the countries have recalled their Ambassadors back asa result of war like situation.

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